Our silencers are always custom-designed for the engine in question. We will suggest either a standard silencer or an installation, whichever will best serve your needs. We make silencers from structural steel, weathering steel, cold-resistant steel, stainless steel and acid-resisting steel. Our material suppliers are among the largest in Finland and we require them to provide us with material certificates and certificates of origin. JTK Power has a quality-certified welding system and we have invested in the most modern equipment.

We make our customer’s life as easy as possible. We support them as much as we can in their decision making and tell them openly what is included in our offer. Our staff are always happy to help you solve your problem. We have extensive experience of designing and manufacturing silencers, which gives us and our customers confidence in our work, as well as theirs.

We adhere to the agreed-upon delivery times and budget. We never promise something we cannot do. We can also test the silencers to make sure that the result lives up to your requirements. We perform, for example, NDT tests (non-destructive testing), leak tests and site (SAT) and factory acceptance (FAT) tests.

We will need information in advance on the starting value of the engine or other sound source, your noise requirements and the space reserved for the silencer, among others. If necessary, we will ask for more details to make sure that nothing is left to chance.