Robert Ollus to become the new CEO of JTK Power Group

Robert Ollus to become the new CEO of JTK Power Group

Robert Ollus has been selected as the new CEO of JTK Power Group and the Managing Director of JTK Power Vöyri. Ollus has more than 20 years’ experience with engines and mechanics. His previous posts include managerial positions in R&D and sales at Wärtsilä.

Timo Viitala will step aside and focus on being a member of the Board, where his valuable experience will be a great asset for strategic development.

The goal is to increase market share and volume

JTK Power Group aims to increase the company’s market share and the volume of its products. According to Ollus, the company has excellent prospects for growth.

“JTK Power is a well-managed, solid enterprise. The current trend in the energy sector is solar and wind power, which creates a need for agile power solutions to balance out spikes in electricity consumption. The needs of the shipping industry are also predicted to grow, especially for commercial fleets, which means there will be a great demand for JTK Power Group’s products,” Ollus says.

In the short run, Ollus explains, the company has to get over the depression whose duration is difficult to predict, but there are already signs of recovery.

Investing in customer and staff satisfaction

Ollus reassures both the staff and customers that JTK Power Group will continue to invest in both customer and staff satisfaction. The first order of business for the new CEO will be to get to know the employees and customers well. JTK Power Group has the clear objective to continue manufacturing high-quality, competitive products and to increase the added value its customers get. Collaboration is another method that will help the company to reach this objective.

“Our products are top quality and come with top security of supply, and we intend to keep it that way. We will strengthen cooperation between the JTK Power Group companies and seek synergies to prepare ourselves for our future growth.”

Joint venture company Promeco JTK has been established

In early August, JTK Power Group established a joint venture company with Promeco Oy. The resulting Promeco JTK operates in China in facilities owned by JTK Power Suzhou. The joint venture company specialises in installations and assemblies.

Promeco JTK will begin to manufacture two new products for the Chinese market which neither JTK Power nor Promeco has produced before.

“The request for their manufacture has come directly from our customers. The quality and security of supply of both JTK Power and Promeco are so excellent that customers want to buy a broader range of products from the same reliable supplier. Customers save time and money by buying a wide selection of products all in one place.”

JTK Power Group is owned by Koncentra Verkstads Ab. JTK Power Group includes JTK Power Vöyri and Isokyrö, JTK Power Estonia, JTK Power Suzhou and Promeco JTK, the last of which was founded in early August and operates in China.


For more information contact:

Robert Ollus

CEO of JTK Power Group and Managing Director of JTK Power Vöyri

robert.ollus(at), +358 (0)40 743 3729

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