Doors for air raid shelters and special purposes

Doors for air raid shelters

We manufacture S1-class doors and hatches for air raid shelters, as well as through-ducts for ventilation. The delivery always includes a door, an emergency flap and through-ducts. Our products have been designed and sized to comply with legal requirements. These requirements are compiled by the Finnish Ministry of the Interior and our products are approved by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Our doors for air raid shelters are made of steel and comply with the relevant pressure requirements.

We also manufacture S2 and S3-class doors and hatches. These are custom-made and submitted to the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland case-specifically for approval.

We have been manufacturing metal doors since 1998 and have engaged in long-term product development. As our employee turnover is very low, we have been able to keep our know-how in-house. Having competent, skilled employees who know what they are doing simplifies and speeds up the work and saves us from having to teach them from scratch. At JTK Power, we always have our standard range in stock and our lead times for custom-made products are short.

Doors for special purposes

We are a leading manufacturer of doors for special purposes in Finland. We make doors, for example, for radiation therapy and X-ray facilities, as well as fireproof sliding doors and other custom-made doors for special purposes. We also make automated and hand-operated doors. Whenever necessary, we also take care of their installation.

Our doors are always designed for their specific use. The choice of materials and the design of the doors' practical functionality are based on JTK Power’s extensive experience of doors for special purposes, and we always test the finished piece at our own premises before delivery.